photography by marina costa


natalie brazil

BAppSc. (MRT)




Natalie's class is an hour of bliss that I have looked forward to twice a week. From her selection of music to her clear instruction and explanation about each move (...and oh that beautiful calming voice), I have loved every second of it.

I left each class feeling grounded but light and awakened at the same all was right with the world.

Pam, Brisbane





About Natalie

My ongoing practice of Yoga continues to enhance my physical, mental and emotional well being. The many benefits of practice include feeling rejuvenated, more flexible, in harmony with my body and its rhythms. I feel uplifted and inspired daily.

I was first inspired to practice Yoga when travelling in India in 2000. I explored a variety of different schools before discovering Bikram Yoga, in London. My first Bikram class was a transformative experience. Soon after my return to Australia in 2005, I became pregnant, at which time I continued my practice with antenatal classes. When I re-commenced Yoga for Pregnancy classes with my second child I was inspired to incorporate Yoga completely into my life.

I accomplished my Level One & Two Teacher Training through the Byron Yoga Centre in 2009. Led by John Ogilvie, the school teaches the Purna Style, meaning complete or integrated, and incorporates all eight limbs of the Raja Yoga Path. The Asana are based on the principles and alignment of Iyengar Yoga. I have a Certificate in Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for Conscious Birthing, which I achieved with Janice Clarfield who enjoys an international reputation and is based in Vancouver, Canada. More recently, I have been extremely fortunate to have attended a weekend and a week long retreat with Clive Sheridan. Clive has been teaching since the mid 70’s and his forte is pranayama. His method and his sparkly energy are a daily inspiration to both my own practice and my teaching technique.

I received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiation Technology (Diagnostic) (BAppSc.MRT) at Newcastle University and have worked and studied professionally in the field of medical imaging for 15 years. The knowledge and experience gained in imaging the body has provided me with a unique awareness of the body and a solid foundation on which to build my yoga studies upon. In my practice I have integrated these two very different sciences into one art.

My classes include Pranayama (breathing), Asana (physical poses), as well as meditation and relaxation. I have a respect for safety and correct alignment, whilst maintaining the flow and the art of Yoga. I encourage you to tune in deeply to the needs of your own body. I love to share my love of Yoga - see you on the mat!