Yoga for Pregnancy : Maitland and Newcastle

pregnancy yoga newcastle

Natalie has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2009 and is passionate about the benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Her yoga for pregnancy classes in Maitland and Newcastle offer a community to the women who attend as well as a depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and positivity.

Prepare for a positive, active, labour and birth by combining stretching and strengthening, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. Connect deeply with your unborn baby. No previous experience necessary. Suitable from second trimester.

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Postnatal Yoga : Maitland & Newcastle

Postnatal yoga, or Mum's and Bub's, is based on traditional hatha with specific emphasis on the shoulders, the core, the pelvic floor and the tummy. You are welcome to bring your baby. Ease back into the world paying special attention to your body where it needs it. Suitable from six/eight weeks post birth. Please contact me for more information.

Things to remember
You should gently exercise your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles every day.
Make sure your abdominal muscles have fully healed before you do any vigorous tummy exercises, such as crunches.
It is important to consult with your doctor or midwife before embarking on any vigorous postnatal exercise program, as you may need more time than you think to heal from the rigours of childbirth.

Couples Yoga Workshops

Face the challenges and experience the beauty of pregnancy, labour and childbirth with calm, confidence and courage. These workshops are designed for parents-to-be and those seeking a better experience for subsequent pregnancies. They provide an opportunity for couples to build their awareness through the course of a pregnancy and learn specific techniques to confidently create optimum conditions during labour and birth. The workshop runs for an afternoon and covers partner yoga, acupressure techniques to assist during labour, discussion and education, breathing and vocal toning, relaxation and meditation. Partners will be able to learn how to support and encourage the birthing Mum in a positive, sensitive and self-assured manner. Please see the timetable for the next Couples Yoga Workshop in Newcastle or contact me and express your interest.

Hatha Yoga Classes

Yoga is for everybody! Be attuned to your body. Calm and focus your mind. Come and try a class and feel the benefits immediately - feel energised and aware, tone your body, improve your posture, stimulate your circulation. Yoga supports a positive outlook on life. Natalie teaches classical hatha yoga in a flowing (Vinyasa) style in Newcastle, please see the timetable. No previous experience necessary.

Private Consultations (Personal Instruction)

Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one. A personal consultation can help to establish a home practice, supplement your existing practice or address special needs and health concerns. The intention here is to create a program that will fit in with your lifestyle, working to keep you healthy and active, enhancing your overall well-being.

Corporate Yoga

Increase your competitive edge. Bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace. Reduce stress and anxiety, develop better memory, focus and concentration, enhance flexibilty, improve posture. Onsite classes can be arranged at lunchtime or after work weekly for a 6 - 8 week session. Yoga mats are provided, no previous experience necessary.


A typical hatha yoga class may incorporate meditation and or deep relaxation to calm and focus your mind. The many benefits include bringing clarity of thought, emotional balance, and a feeling of deep inner peace. Meditation is exercise to maintain a healthy mind and a journey into your heart.


Pranayama comes from the Sanskrit "Prana" - life force and "Ayama" - to extend. In our practice we can use these regulated breathing techniques to oxygenate and energise, or calm the body and sharpen the mind.