Testimonials: What Natalie’s contemporaries and students are saying...

‘Hi Natalie,
I delivered a healthy gorgeous baby girl at 39 weeks and 3 days. She is doing wonderfully :)

I know I only made it to a couple of your pre natal yoga classes in the end due to busy lifestyle and family commitments. However, as I had done prenatal yoga during my previous pregnancy and understood the benefits of your classes, I was able to attend in my third trimester which helped me to get myself into that "zone" I needed to be in prior to birth. I believe without doubt my yoga practice enabled me to have the most amazing experience of birth, which I was unable to reach with my first child. My labour was over 13hrs from first real contraction, and ended with severe back pain as baby was pushing right on my tail bone before eventually turning to come down the birth canal. I proudly can say I breathed her out into this world with absolutely no drugs at all and it was an experience I will never ever forget and has given my a huge feeling of empowerment and great satisfaction. I put it down to my meditation and relaxation cd's, and my practice of prenatal yoga.

The mental toughness and calmness I was able to obtain and sustain during labour because of the skills I had acquired through my practices were what got me the birth I had hoped for. So thank you for your part in that :)).

Warm Regards, Tania.'

Tania, Maitland 2014

‘Natalie Brazil is a wise, compassionate and skilful teacher. I highly recommend the beneficial experience of her warm hearted classes.’

Janice Clarfield, International yoga teacher and Yoga Alliance Committee member, 2013

'I attended Natalie's prenatal yoga classes while pregnant from 12 weeks to 36 and really looked forward to a relaxing stretch each week. I think it helped both my body and mind prepare for the birth! Natalie has a great teaching style and a flowing and inclusive style of practice. I would recommend her classes to anyone! '

Jaye, Newcastle 2013

‘I have really enjoyed coming to the prenatal yoga classes  - it has given me chance to share my pregnancy journey with other pregnant women, and actually improve my flexibility and coordination while practising control, relaxation and focus.’

Laura, Maitland 2013

‘I loved the focus Natalie's classes had on connecting with my baby. It's really nice to take time out from the hustle and bustle to remember the special journey us mums-to-be are on.’

Tricia, Newcastle 2013

‘I am loving yoga, thank you for welcoming me to your classes.’

Bianca, Maitland 2013

'The breathing exercises, positions, and skills that we learnt in class with Natalie really assisted in my partner and I having a positive birth'.

Minnie M, Newcastle 2011

‘Hi Natalie. Just wanted to let you know that my third little man arrived safely on 28 August (11 days overdue) at 12.15am - weighing 10 pounds 2 and 59 cm long.  Had a wonderful home birth which was lucky because the labour was very quick (1.5 hours).  The 2 older boys slept through it and woke to the wonderful surprise of a new baby brother in the house. I so enjoyed the pre-natal yoga with you and am very grateful for the care and support you gave.’

Kiersten, Newcastle 2011

‘I enrolled in pregnancy for yoga classes with Natalie for my first baby…Yoga helped me to learn how to relax, not only my mind but also my body, to work on my breath and create another bond with the growing life in me.’

Aurelie, Brisbane 2010

‘I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga class, it was great for relaxation and  a nice opportunity to meet other expectant mothers.  Natalie’s classes were great - with lots of options for all abilities and stages of pregnancy.  I was stronger and more flexible by 40 weeks than I had been at the beginning of the classes, and I found that lower back pain was not the problem that it had been before starting yoga.’

Yasmin, Brisbane 2010